About Us

Great passion for food and never-ending love for cooking has driven Chef Mohit Bansal Chandigarh to become one of the most renowned chefs in Chandigarh city. Known for his top-class cuisines, flavours, uniqueness, & constant efforts to serve the best dishes. His innovative skills to present food in a modern way distinguishes him from others. He believes in exploring different cuisines & reinventing the lost recipes to make people fall in love with the art of cooking. From traditional & authentic recipes to western trends – Chef Mohit Bansal has dedicated himself to bringing something exciting and tempting to the table. Attention to quality and uncompromising attitude allows him to present his finest dishes. Blending flavours to satisfy different palates with utmost precision has made him receive great appreciation. His humility & elegance beautifully comes out in his food. Dishes prepared by him taste as amazing as they look. The fusion of mouth-watering dishes and the art of food decoration has helped him achieve a lot of glory in the culinary industry. Creative presentations and a simple cooking style have led him to be the most loved chef in the city. Through this website, Chef Mohit Bansal Chandigarh strives to introduce the culinary world, different cuisines across the globe, flavours, and cultural recipes on one platform. Some great recipes, ingredients, cooking secrets, tips, and many more evolving ideas.