Top 10 Healthy Desserts Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Top 10 Healthy Desserts

Desserts are probably one of those dishes in our meals that contains the most amount of calories because of all the whole flour and sugar used. But sugar not only affects our weight issues but also our health. It can induce many diseases such as the most common which is diabetes. But if you are a dessert person you cannot leave dessert out of your life and there is when healthy desserts come as a savior.  

Here are the top 10 healthy dessert options for you – 

1. Oatmeal bars 

Oatmeal bars | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Here’s a go-to method for recipes for healthy desserts: peanut butter oatmeal bars! These have a delicious sweet peanut flavour that is hard to resist, a soft texture, and a drizzle of chocolate on top. Similar to well-known cookies, but simpler and possibly healthier (if that’s even possible), are these no-bake oatmeal bars. This delectable delicacy makes the most of whole grain oats and excels in the sweet, salty, and satisfying categories. And let’s not forget the health category. 

2. Your favourite chocolate pudding in a healthier version 

Your favourite chocolate pudding in a healthier version | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

What is the greatest recipe for a healthy dessert when a chocolate craving arises? a chocolate pudding that’s healthy! Although it only contains Greek yogurt, dark cocoa powder, and maple syrup, it tastes like dark chocolate pudding. Yogurt’s probiotics and protein are combined with your craving for chocolate. What is even better, is that it just takes two minutes to complete.

3. Bananas covered with chocolate

Bananas covered with chocolate | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Here is a tasty and healthful treat that everyone loves: chocolate-covered bananas! Magic is created when a crisp dark chocolate coating surrounds an iced banana. Making tiny banana nibbles wrapped in chocolate is something new for us. Every time a chocolate craving strikes, you always have a nutritious treat in the freezer. 

4. Sauteed apples 

Sauteed apples | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Want a quick and wholesome dessert?  No baking is required, nor is any ahead planning required. Simple apple slicing, butter, spice sauté, and viola! There isn’t much better than eating it warm and topping it with vanilla ice cream or a dash of whipped cream. In actuality, why bother to cook apple pie or apple crisp? 

5. Healthy cookies 

Healthy cookies | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Imagine a cookie that tastes like a delight but is made entirely of healthy components. With these healthy oatmeal cookies, it is indeed feasible! These cookies’ dough is made without butter, processed sugar, or flour. But both youngsters and adults find the taste to be wonderful and satisfying. The spell? Toasted coconut, micro chocolate chips, nut butter, and Medjool dates all contribute to taste and nuance to the dish. 

6. Chocolate cake 

Chocolate cake | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

This recipe for chocolate zucchini cake turns out incredibly decadent and chocolaty! With almond butter, maple syrup, and zucchini as the main ingredients, it’s a creative way to consume real, whole foods in dessert form! It is really juicy because of the zucchini and is just the right amount of sweet. Additionally, it is free of dairy and gluten. 

7. Edible cookie dough

Edible cookie dough | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Want to stay healthy but have a cookie dough craving? We comprehend. Chickpeas don’t taste like cookie dough, and cookie dough is not a healthy snack. However, the chickpea cookie batter is delicious! Compared to a typical dough, it utilises less sugar and butter. In this manner, you’ll experience the illusion of receiving a treat! 

8. Peaches 

 Peaches | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

One of our new favourite quick fruit dessert recipes uses roasted peaches. Put these delicious, ripe fruits under the broiler to soften and caramelize. One of the best desserts on the planet may be made by adding fresh mint and vanilla ice cream on top. Everyone adores this dish because it is healthful. Use just the ripest peaches, please. 

9. Chocolate barks 

Chocolate barks | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

What would a healthy dessert menu be without pure dark chocolate? To create a tasty, nutritious dessert, this chocolate bark recipe combines dark chocolate with pistachios, coconut, and dried cranberries. It is tasty and packed with whole foods. Grab a small slice for a nice snack. 

10. Fudge brownies 

One of our current favourites to come out of the kitchen, they are fudgy, chewy, and chocolaty. Take a bite of these sweet potato brownies! Yes, sweet potatoes can be used in many desserts as well. The sweet potato inside of these brownies is the icing on the cake. They have a chewy feel and are packed with nutrients thanks to them. They have a rich complexity in flavour that elevates them above a typical brownie, making them irresistibly delightful. 

So these were the top 10 healthy recipes for you to try!!

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