Top 10 Breakfast Egg Recipes Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Top 10 Breakfast Egg Recipes

The egg is one of the most classic ingredients for breakfast out there because of how versatile and easily available it is. You can experiment a lot with it and it will end up tasting good. But if you are new to cooking but loves egg and don’t know what egg breakfast you need to cook do not worry. Here are 10 different egg breakfast ideas for you!

1. Omelette 

Omelette | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

One of the quickest, most flavorful, and most importantly, nutrient-dense meals is an egg omelette. When you’re exhausted and don’t feel like cooking much, a well-cooked omelette is an ideal breakfast or even dinner. An omelette is excellent no matter how you prepare it—plain or with veggies, with cheese or without cheese, with meat or without meat. It is soft and custardy. Choosing the proper pan is the first and most crucial step in preparing an omelette. Without using a lot of butter or oil, a well-seasoned cast-iron pan or nonstick pan works best. If you don’t have either, simply add a little additional butter or olive oil to the pan to keep the omelette from sticking.

2. Baked cup eggs

Baked cup eggs | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Making these delectable baked egg cups for breakfast is made simpler if you have leftover roti or tortilla from the previous evening.  Due to their baked nature, these egg cups are a healthy alternative to omelettes. You can see the layers of colours and textures as you bite into them. These cooked egg cups resemble little pizzas. They are “sunny side up” omelettes cooked in crisp cups with leftover tortillas or Rotis.

3. Cheese egg grill sandwich

Cheese egg grill sandwich | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

A filling breakfast sandwich made on a grill with cheese and boiled eggs and cooked to golden brown perfection is the ideal way to start any day. You won’t ever have a boring breakfast again if you keep bread, eggs, and some simple spices and sauce in the refrigerator. These egg cheese sandwiches are made with mayonnaise, cheese, and cooked eggs as fillings. fatty and cheesy, but oh-so-delicious! If you like toast, you can even make it into egg cheese toast. Spread the egg mixture evenly over the bread and cheese slice before grilling the sandwich uncovered in the oven.

4. Egg bhurji

Egg bhurji | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Finger-licking delicious An Indian morning dish with eggs is called egg bhurji in the Mumbai style. served with buttered pav and some cutting tea, and spiced with street-specific masalas. This is the perfect mixture for a fun-filled meal in the morning. You may have scrambled eggs with a Mumbai masala bhurji for breakfast, lunch, or a light supper.

5. Desi scrambled eggs

Desi scrambled eggs | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Indian egg scramble with masala. The regular scrambled egg dish has been upgraded with this spicy version. You may prepare it with several red onions, chillies, and other spices like green coriander and golden turmeric. One of the greatest egg-based Indian breakfast dishes is this really tasty scrambled eggs dish. Scrambled eggs are also a great sandwich filler. With a side of green chutney, toasted egg bhurji sandwiches are delicious.  

6. Akuri eggs

Akuri eggs | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Indian Parsis are renowned for their fondness for egg-based cuisine. We have several morning egg recipes from Parsi cuisine. If you’re seeking a unique scrambled egg alternative for breakfast, these creamy, flavorful scrambled eggs in the Parsi style are ideal for you. The Parsi dish “akuri” is a soft, spicy, and creamy version of scrambled eggs. if you want scrambled eggs that are really creamy and custardy, similar to the ones you may eat with toast.  

7. Indian French toast

Indian French toast | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

The popular French toast is available in India as Spicy Indian French Toast. If you enjoy eating eggs and bread in the morning, a quick and simple Indian meal cooked with both is a treat to consume. It was introduced to India during the colonial era by British people, and we Indians accepted it as our own when it was made into delicious french toast. We created a savoury variant of the already well-liked sweet French toast dish and called it Egg Masala Toast or Indian Masala Toast.

8. Fried eggs

Fried eggs | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Eggs that are fried to a crisp, with lacy, golden edges are delicious.  We know that every one of us has specific tastes in fried eggs while preparing them. Some prefer it over easy, while others prefer it sunny side up.

Over-easy eggs are different from sunny-side-up eggs in that they are cooked on all sides before being removed from the pan. Eggs fried on the sunny side are only cooked from one side. Both varieties of fried eggs have set egg whites and runny or jammy yolks.

9. Egg in a hole sandwich

Egg in a hole sandwich | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Breakfast dishes like “egg in the hole” are excellent! A delicious and slightly unconventional way to enjoy an egg is to cook it in the middle of a slice of bread and eat it with a fork. Toast with a soft-cooked egg in the centre that has been removed is known as an “Egg in a Hole.” No matter what name you call this famous breakfast—which also goes by the name “Toad in a Hole”—this egg-on-toast meal is excellent!

10. Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai Paratha | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

A special paratha recipe is a Mughlai paratha. This traditional dish, a speciality of Bengali cuisine, is cooked using a variety of stuffings. This Bengali dish goes well with your favourite curry as a snack, lunch, or supper. Bengalis like it with curries made with potatoes. Unlike other packed paratha recipes, this one for Mughlai paratha is unique. Although Mughlai paratha is traditionally deep-fried, it can also be prepared on a skillet or griddle with less oil. In Kolkatta and Bangladesh, this paratha is also known as the Moglai paratha. This paratha is filled with an egg mixture that has been seasoned with herbs, spices, and chillies. The finished product is pan-fried paratha flatbread that is crisp and flaky. It creates a really comforting lunch!

These were some of the egg breakfast ideas which you should definitely try for yourself.

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