How to Differentiate Between Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

How to Differentiate Between Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

Everyone desires to savour life’s flavours and eat delectable meals. The person forgot to think about the quality of the meal in addition to enjoying the cuisine. There are many distinctions between good and unhealthy foods that make it simple for you to determine what to consume.  It is important for you to understand which food is healthy or unhealthy so that you can maintain a balance between your diet and taste buds. Also, it is very much possible and feasible that you get the taste of healthy food as well. It is a huge myth that healthy food is not tasty. 

Here is the differentiation between healthy and unhealthy food – 

Healthy food

  1. It is referred to be the meal that fits your body and is good for your health in terms of nutrition. Organic food (free from chemicals), whole foods, natural foods, etc. are examples of healthy food.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, raw almonds, sprouts, yoghurt, honey, and other healthy foods are high in energy.
  3. Fatigue, depression, headaches, joint pains, and lung issues may be alleviated by eating healthful meals.
  4. Healthy food preparation takes some time because it is not readily available or convenient.

Unhealthy food

  1. Unhealthy food is best described as a less nutrient-dense food that is high in calories, fat, and sugar. Although the body needs protein, there is a certain quantity that it needs, this type of food is high in protein.
  2. White bread, pasta, hot dogs, roast chicken, chips, and chocolate are examples of unhealthy foods, while.
  3. whereas an unhealthy diet encourages chronic illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases (CVD).
  4. Unhealthy meals are readily available and ready to eat.

Type of food items which people think are healthy but actually aren’t –

1. Energy bars

Energy bars | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Energy bars have such a solid image as being a wholesome, safe snack that it may be difficult to accept the truth that, in terms of their health profile, they aren’t all that different from sweets. The majority of bars advertise high protein and energy content, but in reality, their nutritional profile is very similar to that of a candy bar. Some energy bars actually contain as much sugar as candy. The goal is to consume them less frequently than you would a healthy snack, not to completely eliminate them from your diet.

2. Dried fruits 

Dried fruits | Mohit Bansal Chanadigarh

Many businesses add sugar to dried fruits to make the flavour pleasant, which in part makes them resemble candies. Additionally, sulfur dioxide is routinely utilized to maintain the freshness of the items. Yes, dried fruits are an excellent source of fibre, minerals, and vitamins, but you’ll also consume a lot of sugar and chemicals. Are dry fruits still considered to be among the healthy foods? 

3. Juice

Juice | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

First of all, most fruits lose their nutritional content when made into juices, whether they are packed or not (with the exception of pomegranate and a few other fruits). A fruit’s flesh and skin both have beneficial fibre, albeit the majority of the latter is lost when the fruit is juiced. Additionally, the packaged juice is even worse because it is packed with sugar. The sugar, which is high in fructose, can be stored in your liver as fat. Not in the least bit a healthy choice. It is still preferable to eat fruit straight. 

4. Gluten-free packaged foods 

Gluten-free packaged foods | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving, and this is undoubtedly the case with gluten-free food packaging that claims to be highly nutritious. Companies substitute it with inferior items like tapioca starch, potato, and rice, which are much worse than gluten. In the long run, these products make you hungrier and encourage you to eat more food because they provide a very little health benefit. They also use just as much sugar as their counterparts who consume gluten, if not more. 

5. Granola 

Granola | Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Granola is regarded as a nutritious breakfast food. But while choosing the brand, be really picky. Some can increase the number of carbohydrates, calories, and sugar in your diet while being relatively low in fibre. Stay with the brand that contains healthful nuts and little sugar. 

This was crisp on how to differentiate your food items and not get brainwashed by different marketing gimmicks. 

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